Monday, October 19, 2009

Does "The One" Exist?

In order to rival the ridiculous number of my posts re: paper, I am posting yet again about wedding dresses, so that you all know just how truly obsessed I am.

Gather round, kids, so I can tell you about my big revelation during dress shopping. 

Is there "the one"?  You know, "the one" dress that captivates your heart, the one that you must have, the one you feel like you wore everyday in a past life and you were just meant to be together?  I certainly thought there would be.  

Would I just "know"?

Source (Kate looks like she knew, at least about the dress)

What is "just know"ing? That's what some people say about finding your life mate. That you'll just know. It is a very romantic idea and it may be true for some, but I dunno, I'm a little skeptical. I can't tell you how many times that I or my friends have come away from a first date thinking, "Oh could [she/he] be the one?"  Yes, mebbe we're just crazy (we were all around 30, looking for Mr. Life Partner).

I was talking about dresses, wasn't I? (I just had to post that cartoon, it is hi-LAR-rious.) by the third store or so, I had tried on far too many dresses to be able to think of one dress as my true, destined dress. There are thousands and thousands of dresses out there, new and used, at all different price points and new ones being issued from the runways every day.

(do you really want to try on this many dresses??)

So while I didn't have a moment where I broke down weeping when I found my dress, I  had done enough research and shopping to feel confident in my choice.  Maybe not such a magical, definable moment, but still magical that I'm going to wear a gown that makes me feel lovely, right?

How do you feel about "the one", dress or otherwise?  Did you "just know" about your dress or partner?

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  1. I think you're right... with the dress, that is. Of course totally different with the partner (NUDGENUDGEWINKWINK)