Thursday, October 15, 2009

Klingon Dresses

During my much-anticipated wedding dress search, I found myself drawn to a certain style that I had not previously considered.  This said style was elegant, sophisticated, and just altogether dreamy.  A lot of you liked it, and so did I.

So why am I not wearing one of them? Well, they were made of a charmeuse material (or double-faced silk or something) that clung to the body.  That means every lump, bump, paunch, wrinkle and pimple showed up.

One of these dresses was Ginger by Kenneth Pool.

I also tried on this dress by Elizabeth Fillmore, called Rose. Isn't that bodice just so sweet?

I initially thought--hey, nothing a little Spanx wouldn't fix!  But nope, no dice.  You could clearly see the outline of the Spanx girdle underneath the dress.  It was almost funny. But not.

I'm not stupid--I know I'm a small person.  But I'm also not stupid enough to deny that I have some body dysmorphia, as many women do (try and figure out that double negative).  As much as I would have really loved to wear one of these dresses, I felt uncomfortable in them and self-conscious.  I tried to tell myself that wearing a dress l ike this would be good for me, that it would encourage/force me to feel better about my body because I would look SO HOT (or so I would like to have thought).  But in the end, I didn't know whether buying a dress would really change a pattern of thought and self-perception that's been built over too many years. And that's the rub. And lub, and wrinkle, and bub.

Anyone feel drawn to a style of dress that didn't end up working for you? 

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