Friday, October 30, 2009

I Am the Bad Cop

So, if you remember, I was looking for a DOC.  What to ask of prospective DOC's?

I spoke to a dozen DOC's (including Little Blue Box Weddings, J&J Elegant Affairs, Sara Gorski Events, and others) and with each conversation I started becoming more comfortable asking questions.  The following is a representation of the atmosphere I tried to create in each of these conversations:


  • When do you first meet with the couple? What do you discuss?  Answer me now!!
  • Is there any contact before that that first meeting?  And don't even think of lying, you little weasel.
  • Is there a limit to emails, phone calls, in-person meetings?  Are you gonna make this difficult? Huh?
  • Will you visit the site? What will you look for?  Oh, is that how you want to play this?
  • Have you planned weddings before where the bride was long distance? (if applicable) Look at me when I'm talking to you!
  • How long have you been coordinating weddings?  I can stay here all day, buddy.
  • Have you coordinated any weddings at my venue before?  Want to see what I have in my little surgical toolbox?
  • What, in your words, is the purpose of a DOC?  Nobody knows you're here.
  • Do you think a DOC is necessary for my wedding? (obvious answer is yes) Why?  I'll get you some coffee once as you get me some answers.
  • Have you been a DOC for a wedding of my size before?  I can only help you if you start talking.
  • What will you be doing the day of?  Oh, are you crying, you little sissy?
  • Could you tell me of some past experiences with issues that came up and how you solved them?  You want your mommy? I'm your mommy now!
I liked the idea that the DOC would be someone who was on my side and solely concerned that the wedding went smoothly and that myself and my family would be completely free to enjoy the day. I mean, can you put a price on that? For reasons I will describe in another post, I did put a price on it and decided to forge ahead without a DOC.

To DOC and DOC-less brides--how do you feel about your decision?  What were the important factors that tipped your decision either way?

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  1. What about the most important question -- How prominently does your love for pugs figure in your life? (This is hurting me more than it's hurting you.)