Wednesday, October 28, 2009

My Excruciating 360-Degree Whiplash with DOC's

The First 180 Degrees
I never considered hiring a day-of-coordinator (DOC) during the first year of wedding planning. After all, we were only having 60 people, all in one location, no formal ceremony, no bridal party procession, no grand entrance into reception, no first dance, no father-daughter name it, we weren't having it.

Then I read a veritable cornucopia of posts regarding the absolute necessity of having a DOC. Bride after bride after bride said that it was the best decision they had made. Oh crappy, have I misled myself? Would I regret having to make any of my family members work? Would they not enjoy themselves? Now in a tizzy, I decided to call around and see exactly what this DOC thing was about and whether it was necessary for our relatively small wedding.

(Jennifer Lopez from The Wedding Planner, although hopefully your planner won't steal your husband)

I went into a serious flurry of activity, calling any DOC that I could get my hands on that didn't have an astronomical cost.  Miss Cola did a lot of background work regarding DOC's in the Bay Area and graciously shared the information that she found.

After talking to the first DOC, I was convinced--I mean, absolutely 100% positively convinced that the one thing I needed was a DOC. Then I received the quote and I was convinced--I mean, absolutely 100% positively convinced  that the one thing I needed was a DOC, but a cheaper one.  

I'll let you know what I decided in another post.  What led to your decision to have or not have a DOC?

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