Monday, October 12, 2009

Dressing the Little Ones

Some of you may scoff in disdain at this post. Don't comment. Really. Because I will flood you with nasty private messages, find out where you live and...oh wait, too far?

Amongst our family members, we have four pugs. I'm sure most of you pet owners out there will understand when I say that these pugs are family to us.  Before I got my pug I kind of laughed at how obsessed people were with their pets--I have now happily and shamelessly joined their ranks.  For a while I made her food from scratch, we bring her on trips, and we have multiple coats, rain coats, winter booties, and a Halloween costume for her (not that you need these things to be a true pet lover, I am just lame that way).  Here the victims of our adoration.

Courtesy of my sister

While they won't be walking down an aisle, because that would pretty much turn into a furious hunt for treats, we wanted them to have a little pizazz for pre-ceremony photos.

I looked on Etsy and found these flowered dog collars made by
Pecan Pie Puppies. They are about $20-24.

How cute are they? Plus the pugs could wear them afterwards. So it wasn't *really* a wedding expense (i.e. not going on the expenditure spreadsheet!).

I love hydrangea so I'm eyeing this one for my little puglet.


Anyone else gussying up their pet for the wedding? Don't be shy--can't be as embarrassing as what I just revealed.


  1. Don't be embarrassed! I DRESS MINE UP EVERY STINKIN' DAY!!

  2. cute, cute pugs! and those collars are really adorable!