Friday, March 19, 2010

Hey Folks!

Just a quick note.

We're getting married today.  I think Mr. Pug is pretty great, and I'm kinda sure he feels the same about me.  I'm far from perfect and so is he, so it makes it all the more special we think the other is pretty great.  I'm very lucky, and so is he. Yes he is. Lucky bastard.

A big Thank You to all of you for your support, ideas, humor, and whatever other good qualities one truly appreciates with all her heart during wedding planning.

Can't wait to share with you all the last minute planning and wedding details!

Wednesday, March 17, 2010


When I was considering venues and forming our initial guest list (wow that was a long long long time ago), I was always interested in any information regarding how many of the invited guests actually come to the wedding.  The numbers of course differ based on many factors, such as the size/location/time/etc. of the wedding, but I wanted to quickly share our numbers.

Our venue capacity is 60 people.  We invited about 65 people, 61 of whom could realistically make it (we were 99.99% sure that a few older relatives would not be able to make the cross-country/international trip).  About 17 invited guests are from the Bay Area (i.e. close to the venue), and the rest were from out of town, so we considered it a semi-destination wedding.

Of the 65, 48 have RSVP'd as "yes".  That is around 70%, or 75% of the 61 guests we felt could realistically make it.  This seems like a reasonable percentage to me.

To break it down further (again, I was always interested in this information), out of 17 guests that live within 2 hours of Half Moon Bay, we had a 100% "yes" rate (all 17 people).  Out of the the 48 guests that would have had to travel to Half Moon bay, we have a 64% " yes rate (31 people) (FYI, the 48 out of towners also includes the few older relatives we were fairly positive would not be able to make it).

Any other percentages people care to share? How many did you invite? How many came? Where was your wedding?

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

My Wedding MO

Having read countless posts from fellow bees regarding their amazing weddings and looking at photos from other weddings on the internet, I kinda feel like I could be putting more effort into my wedding, like DIY-ing more stuff and doing my own flowers.  But I can't complain, because to a certain extent, it's all my fault! And I own it! It's all due to my modus operandi: Laziness (and DIY inability).  Folks, I won't lie--excited as I have been about planning this wedding, I am a lazy ass. 

If I could do this for a living, I would:

I am so pretty.

There are several components from this wedding that I decided from the get-go not to include, or dropped along the way.

Changing My Last Name
(okay this isn't exactly a wedding detail but whatever, you consistency police)  I didn't even really enter a debate in my mind over whether to change my name.  I guess if I really thought about it I would say that I like my first and last name together, and I don't feel the need to change my last name.  But that would be a mask of the real reason, which is that it seems like an awful lot of effort to change my name on every official paper, account, credit card, and whatnot. Soooo not gonna do it. Too tired. Maybe later. Or not.

Bridal Party
As fun as it would be to have a bridal party, my sister and my college friend K (who will also be our officiant) have taken such a big role in the wedding, and that is more than plenty without actually calling them bridesmaids.  When they ask me what they should wear, I yawn and say whatever they want. I don't want to be responsible for someone's dress, shoes, jewelry, or whatever. I'm watching TV and can't be bothered.
Veil and Bouquet
Veils and bouquets are lovely. Of course they are. And if I wanted them, I would have to spend time, effort and money to get them.  So I decided that I didn't want them.

This is me after eating breakfast.

What kind of details have you foregone in order to save your energy and sanity?

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Desire Reincarnated

As you may remember (okay, you don't) from my previous post about shopping for wedding dresses, my original vision and most of the dresses that captured my heart were non-strapless.  There were v-necks, cowl necks, bateau necklines, and so on (actually that's about it), like this:

After all that, I ended up with a strapless dress.  While I am going to have a halter strap added to the dress, I want a high neckline to appear somewhere in the wedding.  You know, as if this is the only time that people will see me dressed and if I miss this opportunity, oh boy! Won't they be disappointed!

I've decided that this very special opportunity for my guests will be the welcome event taking place the evening before the wedding.  I looked for a non-strapless dress, and found some options:

Source ($178--I love this color)

Source ($350--pretty, but yikes!!)

However, I was also feeling budget guilt, and decided (at least for the time-being), that I would wear a red dress already hanging in my closet.  Like it? $40 from Banana on clearance!

Here's my attempt at a Miss America wave

Which ended up looking more like the "Single Ladies" pose. Ironic, isn't it.

But then, I wandered into the BCBG store one weekend when they were having a massive sale. I found this dress--originally $178, got it for $56! And it fits! And it has a draped neckline!

Anyone else using their rehearsal dinner dress to get a second bite of the apple?

Friday, March 12, 2010


So has finally started to post the forecast for our wedding day (I say "finally" as if I wasn't sure when it would be posted, but I guess I knew it was pretty much going to be 10 days out).  

Half Moon Bay is not your stereotypical California weather--it's coastal, can be a bit blustery, and is no stranger to rain and clouds (go me for picking a great location!). However, last year when I visited in March, it was mid 60's and gorgeous. Naturally I was crossing my fingers for the same this year.

(not our forecast, I'd die and go to heaven if it were going to be above 70)

I checked late last night. High 60 degrees, sunny, with 0% chance of rain. Yipee!  

I checked this morning.  High 59 degrees, partly cloudy, with 0% chance of rain.  Still yipee!

I checked right now.  High 59 degrees, partly cloudy, with 10% chance of rain. WTF??!! I want my f&*!ng zero percent back you f&$*%ng motherf*(#ckers!

'Scuse me. Kind of melodramatic for 10%, wouldn't you say?

Anybody else experience weather anxiety for their big day?

So Over It

Wow, I didn't realize that so many of you shared my feelings about a train.  Which leads us to...Wedding-Related Decision #5466: So my dress is going to spend the whole wedding day in a bustle (minus a pic or two of the full train for prosperity). But what kind of bustle?

Under bustles, aka French bustles, are quite popular now, and for good reason.

Bam! How's that for a bustle? Yowza.

Another yowza, but with a completely different feel.

Ooh, how'd she do this?

Then there's the over bustle, or American/English bustle (I really wish they wouldn't name them after countries it's like the whole nationalistic french fries debate all over again). 

I gotta be honest, I had a hard time finding pics from real weddings that included an over bustle because of the overwhelming popularity of the under bustle.  These few pictures represent hundreds (okay dozens) of weddings that I looked through. I just want you to appreciate that.

Simple, classic, with a little brooch for an accent

Hostess LatteLove!!

That's cool (I *think* it's an over bustle, hard to tell from here)

Before my fitting, I was confident about getting an under bustle.  I felt that they looked a little more subtle, and didn't involve buttons or whatnot on the outside of the dress.  I mean, sure I would try the over bustle just to see, but really, come on, I knew it would be the under bustle or bust (I kill me).

So let's compare, shall we?

I do love the look of an under bustle.  But doesn't the fabric make it a little too poofy? And the line of buttons kinda looks abruptly chopped off.

And the over bustle.

To my surprise, the decision was clear (this wasn't the case with Wedding-Related Decisions #1-5465).  Also to my surprise, despite my preconceptions, the over bustle just made a lot more sense with the dress. The under bustle, while usually subtle in my mind, seemed to really stick out on my dress. Like a sore bustle.

So over bustle it is. Ta-da!

Do you think I made the right decision? If your answer is anything besides "Yes you made the right decision you smarty smarty", then don't comment. I know I've said this before, but I really mean it this time. Heehee.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Stop Following Me Around

What, you didn't think there would be only one post from me about trains, did you?

At one point or another, most brides have to decide what to do with the train/bustle of their dress.  Especially if you're making your own, like Miss Sewing (jeesh, showoff).

I hadn't thought much about the train when purchasing my dress, but like most wedding gowns, it came with one:

So was I ready to ham it up with my train for the camera like these brides?



Well, no, I wasn't ready.  Not because my train isn't lovely, but because...I'm lazy.  These pics are pretty, right? Totally! But I don't want to carry my train around. Not gonna do it. My arms get tired just looking at these pictures. 

I considered lopping the whole train off, but: (1) the alterations seamstress looked at me like I was nuts; and (2) I plan on selling my dress afterwards and thought that potential buyers may want a train.

That train is going to be bustled up from the get-go.  I want it bustled for the pre-ceremony portraits and the ceremony.  I know, I know--I may lose some drama walking down the aisle without a train, but I'm serious--I don't want to drag that thing down the aisle. I have enough problems walking as it is, and most likely Kevin would find some way to set the train on fire as we walk down the aisle. No joke.

How do you feel about your train? I want to hear love stories, so-so stories, and hate-my-train stories.

Monday, March 8, 2010

Choo Choo!

Get it? Get it? Today I'm talking about trains!

Betcha thought this was about me getting a yummy pair of Jimmy Choos, huh? Well no. Although perhaps that would have been a way cooler post.*

Back to choo-choo.  I didn't think much about the train in purchasing a wedding dress, but then I found so many lovely photos you can get with a train. And guess what I realized? Your train can be pretty demanding.  It refuses to be left out, and bulldozes its way into every phase of the wedding. Needy, needy train, about to bore down with frightening might and speed on your wedding.

The train getting ready, *without you*.  I mean, the TRAIN has its own getting ready pic?

[train speaking:] Bow to me. 'Nuff said. And someone get me a steamer. Bitches.

The train elbowing its way into your bridal shots:

 Lady, you and your damn shoes are getting in the way of my photo. And if that heel gets anywhere near me I swear to...

 Yeah, scootch over hon. Uh huh and don't crinkle me either, lift that butt up.

The train crashing your first look:

 Huh, you think that's *your* man? Well guess what he's really looking at? Yeah, me! He's only pretending to be excited looking at your face--he's really just pumped that in a few seconds he's going to get to reach his hand around your ass and feel me up

The train tagging along at the ceremony:
Daddy always liked me better. You know it's true.  And just because I don't have legs to walk on my own doesn't mean that I'm not Numero Uno.

The train, front and center at your ceremony:

OMG blah blah blah soooo boring.

 That's right, bridesmaids, back the hell up away from my majesty-ness.

The train at your formal portraits:

 Who are these riffraff and what are they doing in my picture? Who are you people?

Your train breaking it down, at *your* reception:

Look at me swish! Bride, nobody wants to see your face. This is my time!

And you thought the wedding was about you and your loved one. Aw, that's so sweet...(look of pity)

Anyone ready to flaunt their train?

*Nowadays I feel like we hear all about the Louboutins and to a certain extent the Manolos--what happened to Jimmy Choo? Where are you Choo fans?

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Me and DIY= Path of Destruction

I've shown you our invites and some of the behind the scenes creation, but let me show you the underbelly.  In what is going to sound an awful like Miss Hamster's posts, here is some of frustration and fatigue my sister and I experienced producing those bad, bad boys.

Months and months ago, we had warmed up our Gocco skills with the save the dates.  That process had gone very well, so I figured sure, there might be some mess-ups, but otherwise we were PROS, baby, Gocco pros.  We'd sail through these artichoke invitations like butta.

Hoo boy did I have another thing coming, and coming up big.  Now, I still love the Gocco and I'm very proud of what we accomplished, but ah mah GAH I was about to rip out my hair with the various problems we encountered.  

Here's a sampling of the issues (for those who are interested in Gocco):

Problem #1: Splotchy edges


Solution: once you've inked your screen (this will make sense to you only if you have interest in using Gocco), use a few scrap pieces of paper first to get rid of excess ink and kinda let the screen "settle down" before you use it on your final product.  We still had some splotches, but not as much.

If that doesn't work, I can't help you. 

Problem #2: Disappearing text

Solution: since the screen didn't burn properly, but it was only a little bit of the image that did not come through.  I didn't want to burn another screen just for the small parts missing on the letters, so I took a toothpick and *gently* hacked me a new "S" and "W" on the screen so that the ink would come through. 


Problem #2: Disappearing image

Someone's been trimming my artichoke!

This was probably our biggest problem.  We couldn't figure out what was wrong and tried several different things (burning through several screens) until we figured it out.

Solution: don't measure the size of the mesh screen to determine what size image you can use at one time--measure the sticky pad on which the blank paper rests, because due to some inexplicable design flaw, it's SMALLER than the mesh screen.  What gives.  If your image is larger than that pad, the part of the image larger than the sticky pad won't come through. So we moved the image down and lost some of the bottom part of the image. 

C'est la vie, artichoke, and hasta la vista to your stem.


i forgot to take a good picture to demonstrate what I'm talking about--but see the light blue screen at top? Yeah, whatever.  What you want to measure is the gray sticky pad beneath, the one peeking out from under that white paper.  You can use the unused portion of the screen for another image (or split a too-large image into two parts).

At certain particularly frustrating moments, the phrases "f&%k it" and "who gives a sh%t" soared through the household.  I needed to take breaks in order to stop myself from going Office Space on the poor Gocco.  

This is what our workspace looked like:


These, sadly, were a mere sampling of the mess-ups. I know it's hard to tell from this distance but trust me, there was something wrong with them.


Luckily, we had these to help:

Gazooks! Only half full! We needs a refill, dammit!

Nevertheless, we soldiered through.  And it worked out just peachy. Or artichoke-y.

Anybody else's DIY projects start to go off the rails at some point?

Bali, I Just Can't Quit You

So. Another honeymoon preparation post. I've posted about swimsuits, skincare, and now you get to listen to me blab about hair removal.  Lucky, lucky you.

While this isn't a topic or practice to which I give much thought during the regular course of my boring life, the wedding has made my life *so* much more exciting and I can't help but want to take a little extra step in this area to prep for the honeymoon.  I want to be showing some soft, smooth, and non-furry baby bum skin in those swimsuits!

As with everything, this is an incredibly complex multi-layered issue.

First decision, to shave or to wax?

I'm going to go with waxing, because while shaving makes sense on a regular basis, this is *special* right? I want to be smooooth....for a looooong time...

Then--legs, arms, underarms, pinky toe?  They wax just about everything now. I'm definitely getting my legs waxed, but what about my arms?

I am hairy for an Asian woman--no fair, gene gods! No fair!

While I don't have tufts and tufts of arm hair, the black, long, spindly hair against my pasty skin kinda stands out.  

Nevertheless, the thought of watching my arm hair grow back or continuing to wax my arms is not appealing, so I'm leaning towards "no" on this one. You are horrified. That's okay.

And then, there's the world of bikini waxing.  Oh the options! Bikini line, full bikini, Brazilian, French double loop with a somersault?  I admit, I know next to nothing about this fascinating topic. If you want some great info from the hive, check out this thread on the Weddingbee boards--veeerrry edgificational.

To help me further parse the different bikini waxing services, I checked out this little article, which had the following tidbits (all quoted from the article):

  • Regular Bikini Wax: Removes the hair outside the panty line.
  • Full Bikini Wax: Takes the sides of the bikini line deeper than a regular bikini wax, and can also include waxing some hair on top to make a more defined ‘triangle’ area, or trimming down the hair left shorter.

  • French Bikini Wax: Takes all hair off the in the front (except a small strip) and continues to right before the back. It doesn't take hair off from the back like a Brazilian (see below).  [edit: I think there must be a typo in this, not my problem]

  • Brazilian Bikini Wax: Takes all hair off the bikini line, front all the way to the back (yes by your bum). Sometimes a small strip or triangle is left in the front.
Do you have any preferences/recommendations for hair removal?

And for those who have not tried waxing before, I leave you with this image:


Hehe. I'm just kidding. It won't be like that. I *promise*.

Bali, I am Still Coming For You

Bali, I'm very excited about you. And my swimsuit.  But not about your hangers-on.

Ew. I am like a magnet for mosquito bites. I will get bitten to death while Kevin, in the same environment, will be bite free. Jerk. Just kidding. But really, I hate mosquitoes.

There are theories as to why this happens, including something about people like me emitting chemical compounds like uric acid/urea (great, I am *peeing* out of my pores), but no one knows for sure.

Unfortunately, Bali is full of these little f&*kers.  I kid you not that when I heard this, I seriously started to reconsider our honeymoon location.  But, anticipating the utter embarrassment I would feel explaining to people that I passed up, of all things, the opportunity to go to Bali due to, of all things, a fear of mosquito bites, I decided to find a different solution (people just don't understand my pain. heartless).

A frequent Bali traveler friend of mine (she studies Balinese music, why oh why didn't I specialize in Indonesian beach property law) recommended Avon Skin So Soft's Bug Guard.

Apparently this stuff is the bomb--effective, with a pleasant scent, and it comes with or without sunscreen. I myself will be going for the sunscreen-repellant combo, and in the disappearing purple color!

I'm thinking about emptying 100+ tubes into a vat and just dunking myself in it every morning.

But that's not all--in the event that I don't want to lug around a bottle of this magic potion but still want to protect myself from the carnivores, I got a few of these bug repellent towelettes:

And just for a little bit of fun, I picked me up one of these:

The Avon Shea Butter Brown Sugar Body Scrub--I am attempting to exfoliate my skin to luminous, glowing and smooth perfection before the big trip. And since it's brown sugar-based, I can also give my arms a thorough licking after each shower. Yum! (I don't actually do this.)

Any skincare issues you are taking into consideration for your honeymoon?