Monday, October 26, 2009

Hair and Makeup Trial I: A Kind of Fail

In looking for a hair and makeup artist ("MUA"), I had to find someone close enough to Half Moon Bay so that the travel fee didn't equal the cost of a kidney (which I assume is pricey).

The first place where I had a trial was very close to our venue. After my trial, I had that kind of experience where at first you're okay with it (b/c you really want it to be okay), and then the more you think about it the more problems you realize, and then after a while you've worked yourself into a frenzy where you're on the phone with your mom shouting "No good! No good!"

Look at the bun she made. It's an okay bun, but...just a bun.

Courtesy of my sister

The colors she used for my makeup were nice, but she also caked on enough concealer and foundation that if I touched my face it looked like I was breaking ground to dig the Suez canal.

Courtesy of my sister

Now, this wasn't a terrible trial by any means, but it just didn't feel right, you know? Plus, when hearing about the experiences of other brides, I started to fantasize that not only would my hair/MUA do a great job, but would also be a lovely person to have around the morning of the wedding. I think the getting ready time should be happy and relaxed, and since the hair/MUA will be there for most of it, s/he will have a big part in that dynamic.

Before the trial, I had debated whether or not to even get a trial because of the money. However, after hearing from several people that a trial was one thing they wished they had done, I went for it. And it was worth it. Anything to avoid a minor meltdown the morning of is worth a lotta money. To me. I realize not everybody considers this a priority.

Lesson learned: Get a trial if you can and trust your gut instincts.

Let's hear any nightmare stories from hair/makeup trials!

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  1. Um, perhaps we should have known when the makeup woman looked at herself in the mirror more than at you...