Sunday, October 11, 2009

A Big Rock For Me

No, not on my finger, but on my earrings.

I am kind of a bwaaak! bwaaak! (supposed to be a chicken squawking) about buying things over the internet, particularly if I know I can see and touch them in a store.  So before I could take the plunge and buy one of the pair of earrings that I found on the internet, I decided to visit some stores in the Fashion District (mainly Seventh Ave between 37th and 38th Streets) to see some earrings in person. 

There were many good, affordable options but I didn't find anything that really grabbed me. So after searching high and low on the internet, and several storefronts, of all places I headed to Macy's, which is typically a place to be avoided at all costs, at least in NYC (like a poultry factory farm--too close quarters).

Lo and behold, I found my earrings for $50.

Courtesy of me

Yeah, yeah, so again, my photography skills sucka.  The cellphone in there for scale, although it occurred to me that you have no idea how big the cellphone is.  So here's another pic with me wearing the earrings, looking very fierce if I say so myself:


Please, please, refrain from all the posts commenting on how attractive I look in this picture.

What kind of jewelry, if any, will you be wearing for your wedding (besides your ring/s)?

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  1. Who wouldn't want to marry that face, in those earrings. seriously.