About Pug

So why is my URL manhattanpug.blogspot.com, and my blog title is Fresh Brioche? No reason in particular.  My sister had always suggested that I blog, particularly after I became quite preoccupied with wedding planning and sites like Weddingbee.  One day she bulldozed past the borders of encouragement and created a blog for me while she had me trapped on the phone.  She asked, nay, she *demanded*, what I wanted for my URL.  Clearly caught by surprise, I didn't know what URL to use, so she used manhattanpug.  It was fairly self-explanatory, but just to be thorough, I lived in Manhattan at the time and we have pugs. We are pug people.

So much so that when I blogged for Weddingbee about my wedding planning, I had to be Mrs. Pug

 Hi, I'm cute! 

And now I'm here (or still here, rather), blogging about life in general, but mostly about dabbling in the kitchen, the pugs, and other good times.

Oh I forgot to explain the Fresh Brioche title--part of our weekend morning routine back in Manhattan* was to walk the dogs to the park, and then drop by a neighborhood bakery for their pillowy brioche.  That's all.

*We've now moved to the DC metro area.