Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Dressing the Big One

Last time I wrote about dressing the little ones, and now it's about me! ME!

Let me start off by saying that I have dreamt all my life about wedding dress shopping. Once, while still in college and very far from being married, my mom and I dropped by a David's Bridal and I tried on a dress. I'm sure the staff looked at my mom and wondered whether she was trafficking a 13-year old child bride (I look young).

Wedding dress shopping was one of the main reasons I was looking forward to getting engaged. Yeah, I know, so materialistic compared to the whole-marry-my-best-friend thing, but so what? I wanted the private room, the bridal consultant, my loved ones waiting for me to emerge, oh the rapture! I couldn't wait to maybe find "the one" that made me inexplicably break out into tears and hug my mom.

The first place I visited was
Designer Loft in NYC. I met with Laura, a bridal consultant, who was very sweet and picked out some great dresses for me (pics from Designer Loft taken by my dad).

This was the kind of dress that I had originally envisioned, and I really liked it. This is by Janet Nelson Kumar.

I hadn't considered the kind of dress shown below because it seemed too slinky, but I rather liked it (my parents were huge fans).

Clearly my signature pose is hugging my lower belly, because it's shy or something.

This was an eco-friendly dress by Adele Wechsler. I actually couldn't stop grinning when I wore this. However, I felt it wasn't flowy enough for me.

Did you look forward to the dress shopping experience?  Did you find yourself liking styles that you had not previously considered

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  1. ooooooo. soooo preeeetty. of course it must be harder when one has the body of a model.