Friday, October 2, 2009

Bridal Virus Cured (For Now)

So, I was looking for a hair flower, having decided that I really needed one.  I had begun the search process thinking that I would use a real flower since it would be less expensive and disposable--however, my ventures into the world of Etsy soon led me to other conclusions.

After perusing about a few hundred options on Etsy, I found some deco clay gardenia flowers--I loved the detail and the "real" look of them. They would also stand up better than a real flower.  I almost bought this gorgeous one for $23 from Blissful Moments.

This one sells for $20 (by dkdesigns, whose clay flowers were used at Mrs. Pineapple's wedding, and are gorgeous--please go look now)

Oh the amnesia--I mean, I didn't even want a fake flower in the first place because I would have no use for it after the wedding. Was I falling prey to one of those wedding mind tricks where we *need* things? 

More importantly, would I rue the day I decided not to wear a hair flower on my wedding day? The answer was no, and I decided to forego the flower. Anti-climactic, huh? 

Did anyone take some time to step back from a purchase and realize that they didn't need it?

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  1. No! I never step back from purchasing! and that is why my husband loves me!!