Monday, October 5, 2009

Shoe Dummy Gains an Unprecedented 2 IQ Points

Last time I posted about my search for shoes and my purchase of 3.5" heels despite the fact that I swore off heels a few years ago.  So you're thinking, you dumbass. But wait! I *did* learn a little something through my shoe trials and tribulations. I know it is almost a given that my Tahari slingbacks will hurt me after a few hours into the wedding. So I began a search for comfortable flip-flops that I could change into.

I wanted white flip flops (keep it simple) and a tall heel (at least 3") so my dress hem wouldn't drag on the ground.  This search was a bit obstructed by inflated "wedding prices" (not many people besides brides want white flip flops with a heel above 1") and a shape that did not do much for the comfort aspect.  

For example, these following flips are cute, but the shape of the arch is still curved at an angle that I might as well be wearing regular heels.  In addition, they cost $30 or more, whereas I was really hoping to find something around $20

Eventually, I found these from mydivascloset for $17:


These have an elevated platform for the whole foot (only a slight arch), and are under $20. 

Smart, eh? Well, it doesn't stop there It might rain the day of our wedding (our locale is known for that during March), so I also got these:

Source ($26.50 Puddleton rain boots from Discount Safety Gear)

Yeah, not so dumb right? Or, maybe you say--I could have just foregone the heels altogether and gotten the flip flops, and your shoe expenses would be half of what it is.  You have a point, but I am too busy hobbling away in my hot pink patent leather peep toes. 

Do you have back-up shoes for comfort or weather purposes?

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