Friday, October 9, 2009

A Little Bling

My mom originally suggested that I wear a tiara for the wedding. I responded that she was nuts. Other people can pull it off really well, but I'm not a tiara type of girl.  I'm also not a bracelet type of gal, and I did not want a necklace because my dress will have a halter strap and I wanted to keep my decolletage uncluttered.

Ok, i'll fess up. i don't really have a distinctive decolletage so speak of.  But don't people want to see my collarbone?  I wouldn't want to deny anybody this privilege. 

So for wedding bling, I just focused on earrings. Oh Regina B., you wring my heart into a lifeless little tissue.

Sigh--these Regina B's were about $180 to $190.  That's 2 unlimited monthly MetroCards, people!!

Where to go for something affordable? Mrs. Champagne mentioned that Emitations was a good site. There is so much cool stuff on there, and most for under $100 (i.e. can still be pricey, but nice to know that I don't have to spend $150 plus). I eyed these little baubles:
Source ($79)

Source ($68)

Sparkles Forever is another costume jewelry site where I found several options.

Source ($69)

Source ($36) (Selma insisted on saying hello)

Amy's Bridal Accessories also had some lovely options:

Source ($58)

All these great options. I was strongly leaning towards Amy's Bridal.  But before I let you know what I decided, does anyone have recommendations for other good costume jewelry sites?

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