Monday, September 7, 2009

Save the Dates Phase II aka Nothing Screams "Wedding" Like a Duck

I already posted a bit about choosing the paper for our save the dates. For the design, I wanted something simple and elegant. So what did I end up with? Ducks. I mean, what else says elegance more so than ducks!

I wanted some kind of simple drawing/motif/symbol that would speak personally to us. Or at least to me, since Kevin doesn't really care. After some brain-racking, I came up with Korean wedding ducks.*

Courtesy of me

In Korean tradition, a pair a carved wooden ducks represented the married couple, as it was believed that ducks mated for life (I'm pretty sure this is false, but it's a nice idea). The position of the ducks signifies the state of the household. You place the ducks facing nose to nose when there is harmony in the marriage. However, when there is discord (say, after *someone* fibbed about having gotten you a Valentine's Day present and "left it at the office"), the ducks face apart (in other words, with their butts facing each other, because when you're mad at each other, farting on each other is acceptable).

Is there anything about your save the dates that represents you as a couple (or at least the half of the couple that is doing all the work, ahem)?

* While Kevin is not Korean, he watches Korean soap operas so I'm saying that's sufficient for the Korean ducks to mean something to both of us. 

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  1. Oh yes, the glorious Gocco days. I still have duck prints embedded onto my table.