Thursday, October 1, 2009

Me Likey Me Wantey Bridal Virus

Hair flowers are quite popular lately with brides, and for good reason. They add a bit of extra romance, an accent, a little pizazz. However, it's not trendy in a way that will look dated. And did I want to jump on that wagon? With a running leap, yes. As almost every bride (and groom) knows, planning a wedding convinces you that you need many things that you had previously wanted with all your heart, but just didn't know.

Source: Jennifer Behr via here

At first I considered a real flower because I figured it would be cheaper and I don't need a hair flower after the wedding (I'm just not that fashionable). However, when it came to attaching a comb or pin or barrette or whatever-it-is-we're-talking-about-here to a real flower, I was lost. And no, I did not overcome this by figuring out how to do this myself and doing a couple of trials. I just gave up.

So, enter Etsy (is it eet-sy or eh-tsy? discuss.), which is great if you either: (1) know exactly what you're looking for and can type in enough keywords to narrow your search; or (2) you have nothing to do at work so you can sift through the hundreds of listings.  I won't tell you which one I am.

If you know anything about hair flowers you probably know the beautiful work of Twigs and Honey. And if you don't, ta-da!

There are plenty of other sellers on etsy who make hair flowers, like Mikiye:

Source ($50) 

Mrs. Martini rocked out a gorgeous gardenia on her wedding (I also love the hairdo--it's pretty fabulous), that she got from SmittenXOXO on Etsy.

I really liked the gardenia, and have always loved gardenias because of their heavenly scent and creamy look.

So what to get? What to choose?  Anyone else donning a fleur de cabeza for their big day?

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  1. um, I don't know why you didn't mention the extremely intelligent sister who attempted to quash this whole hair flower pursuit.