Wednesday, September 30, 2009

I'm Going to Moon My Honey

Hee hee. I'm so clever. This is another post about our honeymoon, although I do the above as well.

As I mentioned, we're going to Bali for our honeymoon. A few days at a beach-y place (I'm thinking Jimbaran Bay), and the rest of the time in Ubud, which is in the central area and known for allowing visitors to get a sense of Balinese culture with museums, marketplace, etc.

This is our honeymoon.  There is hardly any other excuse in one's life to do some serious splurging for our trip.  So while our other vacations are filled with third-choice locations, we wanted to do this honeymoon proper.

Is this ridiculous? It's a lot of money. Oh the guilt. *Pause*. Ok I'm over it.

In Jimbaran Bay, we have been considering several options for lodging. For 3 to 4-star places (this is our honeymoon, after all), there actually isn't a huge selection. In general, you can get so much more for your money in Bali than you would at other places--like, way more than my booger-sized NYC apartment, and you also get flowers in the tub!

Having said that, one place that totally busts the you-get-more-for-what-you-pay rule is The Four Seasons:

I would love to stay here, but alas, at about $600-700 per night without taxes and service charge, Kevin started eyeing my engagement ring and muttering something about "pawn shop".

Okay, moving on to second choice.  Second choice is still good! We considered the Jamahal resort in Jimbaran Bay--a more reasonably priced option (but admittedly still a bit of a splurge). The Jamahal also has great reviews on TripAdvisor.


Then we looked at Jimbaran Puri Bali--which also has really good reviews on TripAdvisor.


While Jamahal was the least expensive option, there is a busy road separating the resort from the beach. While this didn't seem to be a big issue with any of the reviewers and they have hotel staff to help you cross the road, we decided that since we are only staying for a few nights and want to make the most of it, that we would pay a little more and stay at the Jimbaran Puri Bali (so no playing real-life Frogger for us).

As for Ubud, there are a ton of places to stay and I spent much time looking at TripAdvisor. Our favorites included Villa Semana:


and Komaneka:


Komaneka has three properties, of which the Komaneka at Bisma (pictured above) is the newest. I mean, who can resist that infinity pool. And there is a restaurant with a balcony that has this view.  I could just die.  While one of the other Komaneka properties, Komaneka at Monkey Forest, is closest to the center of Ubud, we are willing to forego the short walking distance for this really beautiful property. 

Are you staying in one place for your honeymoon or are you moving around?  Any tips for Bali?

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  1. That place looks perfect. Maybe we'll visit you! HAHAHAHAHAHAAA