Thursday, February 25, 2010

You Can't Resist the Artichoke

Yes, more artichoke.  If you commented on the previous post, do it again here.  

I know some of you were doubters about my beloved artichoke--Miss Rainbow, I am talking to you. Let me quickly show you how it played out.

My sister and I Gocco'd the invitations a few months ago, and I present to you, Artichoke Invitation Suite:
Becoming a better photographer is next on my list after becoming Gocco god.

And here is the suite in pieces:

Main invitation

Schedule of Events 

RSVP card

While I like RSVP cards that are extremely simple, the hotel needed to know in advance how many guests would be eating which dish, or else they were going to charge us, like, a million dollars.  Also, we needed a head count for the other weekend events for planning purposes.

Do I love them? Yes. Are they perfect? Not quite.  Could I have just sent this image to an invitation designer/printer and been on my merry way? Well yes, I guess so--but despite the effort of this DIY project, it meant a lot to me to make my own invitations.  Maybe because I'm not crafty in any other aspect, I thought that this would be a great opportunity to give a personal touch to a very important aspect of the wedding.  

My DIY skills are now officially spent. 

Were you happy with the way your invitations turned out?  If you made them yourself, was it worth it?

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  1. oh, they're beautiful. I particularly like the way the design fades at the edges. very artistic, even if it wasn't entirely intentional.