Friday, February 5, 2010

Ring, Meet My DIY Skills

So, my ring was in search of a place to rest its heavy, spiky head at the end of the day.  I kept my I-must-purchase-something instinct in check, and instead of buying a ring bowl or other holder, I decided to make do with my bare hands (good job me!).

As a little background, while I've been DIY-ing the stationery for our wedding, I can't craft anything that is 3D. I can print stuff, but not craft. There's a distinction, okay?

But now, hive, I will flex my DIY muscle and show you truly how crafty I am. Prepare yourself.

*Disclaimer--before you get too excited, please also prepare yourself for the heavy dose of good-natured sarcasm ahead.

Steps for DIY ring holder:

1. Look around your home for something round.  Spot old-school Korean teacup (teamug?) on shelf.  Remove from shelf.

2. Take off top of teamug.  Look at insides for fun.

The perforated inner bowl is where you put the tea leaves, and the hot water goes into the main vessel. Put the perforate inner bowl in main vessel, and steep! Simple, no? And completely irrelevant to this post.

3. Take top...

4. Flip over...

5. Place ring inside. Ta-daaaaaa!!!! You're done.

I hope this tutorial was helpful to you. I now proudly place my ring holder on my kitchen counter, right near our front door, so I can take it off first thing when I get home.  Let me know if you have any questions! (hehe)

On a slightly serious note, though, I am actually quite pleased whenever I plonk my little Taz into this bowl.  I didn't make it myself, but *somebody* made it, right? And it's better than just leaving it on my kitchen counter, which I used to do, and which led to several panicked instances of not being able to find the ring among garlic bulbs, onions, and salt pot that grace my counter.  I think I am *so* clever.

Is this your kind of DIY, or are you blessed with a little more skill?

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