Monday, February 1, 2010

Ring, Meet World

After the *overwhelming* number of requests (all 3 of 'em) to see more pictures of my ring, I've decided to post a little more about it.

Considering how I usually am, I thought I would spend eons researching what kind of engagement ring would suit me best. I imagined becoming lost in a vast new lexicon of settings, shapes, cuts, what have you.  However, without considering any ring very seriously, I ended up with this:

The ring getting a piggyback (or duckyback) ride from the infamous duck

Kevin and I picked out the ring together, in a little jewel of a shop in Soho that we found by accident.  They had cufflinks made of silver in this shape but without the stone, and a silver ring in this shape with a small sapphire in the center.

While I usually wear silver-toned jewelry, it looked a little too ice princess "Queen of Narnia" to me (although still very pretty), so I asked for it in the yellow gold to lend some more warmth. And for some reason I fixated on having a pink sapphire.  I do not know why. Moving on.

The ring and the pinecone (and Christmas ornaments and lots of other crap)

The ring hanging for its dear life on the Christmas tree

The ring and the pug, right before I had to snatch it out of the jaws of a suddenly, unexpectedly hungry pug

So there's my ring.  To be honest, I kinda felt like "the search" went by very quickly, almost haphazardly. Where were the unmentionable amounts of time perusing rings and the internet? In the end, it just clicked.

I was thinking of nicknaming the ring "Taz", as short for the Tasmanian devil, but the ring kinda looks hyper happy, you know?

Did you spend a long time selecting your ring or did it happen pretty quickly?

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