Friday, February 19, 2010

Of Cabbages and Kings (and Underthings)...

So the time has come, Miss Pug said,
to talk of many things
Of shoes, and ships,
of cabbages (or artichokes) and kings...or UNDERTHINGS!

The process of planning a wedding is akin to falling down the rabbit hole with Alice--a little world filled with twists, turns and surprises that you never knew existed until you became a planning bride.

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For example, after you buy a dress, your decisions have only begun.  Over or under bustle? What veil? Sash or no sash? And, while not visible but almost just as important, what to wear under the dress?

What to wear as an undergarment to, you know, control my huge bust? 

[reader pauses, wondering whether s/he is reading the wrong blogger] 

Okay, even without a bust to speak of, what were my options?  In order to research the lazy way, I typed in "bustier" into the weddingbee search box, and found a veritable wealth of threads about this.  Go ahead, try it.

Strapless bra?

I already have a strapless bra, so it would have been great to go this route. Alas, my dress has a low back and the band for the strapless bra goes straight across the back. No go.

Bra pads sewn into dress?

They can sew bra pads directly to the inside of your dress.  Little fuss! However, considering the cost of alterations, I wanted to try and find something that I could keep and use beyond the wedding.  Don't ask me what that tube is at the bottom, it was really hard finding a picture of a bra pad.


Nice idea! Low back, support, and shaping for the torso--sounds good! I bought a Wacoal bustier which was so comfortable and fit very well, but guess what? My dress couldn't zip up when I was wearing it.  Mm hm, can't tell you how *good* that made me feel.

So I could go without anything, but honestly there is a vain part of me that would like to fill out the bustular area of the dress just a *wee* bit better.  So I've been considering the Nu bra.
(this pic makes me a little uncomfortable, like the bra is staring at you. weird.)

These are essentially silicone bra pads that, through some strange method no doubt devised by the Cheshire Cat, kinda suction on to and stick to your boobs. There is a little "seatbelt" in between the cups that help create lift and cleavage.  Fascinating.  These seem a bit new-fangled to me--would they work? Has anyone tried it? What do you think?

Oh, and in the inevitable event that I'm going to gorge myself on food and wine, I may want to have some kind of control over the belly area.

Hot, right? Yeah, huh? Won't Kevin be excited to see these under my wedding dress!  (for a more attractive option, check out Miss Guinea Pig's post)

Back to the bras.  I haven't made a final decision, but what do you all think of the Nu Bra? What do you plan to use, or what have you tried? Pros and cons?

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