Thursday, February 11, 2010

On Being Slightly Aged

With an emphasis on the "slightly", people, don't get carried away.  I'm 33--by no means the youngest or the oldest of brides out there.  However, I am above the average age of a bride, both nationally (26.9 years) and locally (NYC--29 years). 

I've been trying to think of how my age and all that comes with it have affected my wedding planning. It's a tough call, since the impetus for any wedding-related decision is usually multi-fold--my choices are influenced not just by my age, but also by budget, personal priorities, and so on.

But one thing I felt did demonstrate my age more than other details is our registry.

I've been living in apartments for 11 years since college, 7 of those in my own apartment, and 2-3 of them with Kevin. Over the years that I've been building a home, I've treated myself to some things for which people usually wait to register, particularly in the cooking area.

What do we already have?  Here are some popular registry items that we have, and my two cents (whether you like it or not). We have this...

The highly touted KitchenAid mixer--it was actually a hand me down, but point is that I have it so I won't be registering for it.  I love this because I like to bake, but I don't think it's worth the expense unless you bake a lot--there are handheld mixers and less $$$ stand mixers out there that work perfectly well.

Cuisinart food processor--works great, pain in the ass to clean without a dishwasher.  Dammit I wish I could register for a dishwasher.  There are newer models of this--if you like to cook, chances are you want one of these.

Calphalon anodized cookware--I've had this set for about 10 years (an older verison).  My advice?  If you are familiar with how you cook and which pots/pans you use, buy them a la carte instead of as a set.  I am registering for a few pieces that I use constantly from the All-Clad, because, well, just because (okay I'm a sucker for the reputation and quality! I think of it as an upgrade! I'm a snob!).

Wusthof knives.  I've learned that what I use most is the chef's knife (7-8") and a paring knife, and really could have gone a la carte on this. (don't forget a bread knife)

Le Creuset 5 1/2 quart Dutch oven.  This is my workhorse.  And I leave it out on the stovetop because it looks nice.  I make sauces, soups, stews, and braised goodies in this.

These Christy towels are THE BEST towels I've ever had.  Absorbent, thick, hold up really well (wash a few times beforehand to get the lint off).  They go on sale a lot at Bloomingdales--don't buy at full price, fool! (get it? full, fool? I kill me)


400-count sateen sheets.  We got these at a mega-sale at Bloomie's. They're nice, but really, Mr. Pug is the linen lover so this is more up his alley. I guess they'd be great if he didn't drool on them all the time (kidding).

Any registry advice out there? Things you wish you had registered for, things you wish you hadn't?

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