Friday, February 12, 2010

The Big Ol' Wish List

Last time I wrote about how Kevin and I already have a lot of popular registry items.  So where did that leave us in terms of registering?  Oh ho, don't worry, we were not at a loss.  Not here.  I am happy to report, to what I'm sure is your great relief, that we indeed found some items that we are really really really excited to put on our registry.

Want to know the fancy* stuff? (because who cares about the microplane I registered for to replace my dying one...)

It's an end-grain, 20x14 inch cutting board.  End-grain boards are the sturdiest, least prone to warping, and supposedly keep your blades in shape longer.  But also, isn't it pretty? At first I thought it looked kind of funky but now I LOVES IT.

*I realize at this point it may be dawning on you that my version of "fancy" is pretty lame, but I can't hear your thoughts.  Lalalalalala....

This 4-quart casserole is the size that I'm missing.  The pot I have is 8 quarts--huge.  I don't  want to lug that thing out when I want to boil a small batch of pasta, cook some potatoes, etc. And so cute!


These Chilewich placemats cost more than cloth placemats--but let me tell you, after years of entertaining, I am so over the cloth placemat thing.  The staining, the washing, the ironing, the more! These babies are made of vinyl, and very attractive.

Okay, that's enough of a glimpse into my greedy little side.

Are there items on your registry about which you are particularly excited? 

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  1. em, does it count as a registry item if you've already bought it for yourself?