Tuesday, February 16, 2010

One Ring (or Halter) to Rule Them All

If anyone out there does not want to see pics of me in my dress, then scram. 

After having experienced some doubt in the one year that I had to wait since purchasing my dress and laying my eyes on it again, I faced my fears and went to the salon for the fitting.  I checked in with the receptionist, and was led upstairs.  The alterations consultant was waiting for me, and ushered me into a spacious dressing room. The dress was unzipped and taken from its hanger, and I gingerly stepped into it (of course, somewhere in there I got half NAKED--woohoo!!).  The consultant zipped it up.

I looked at myself in the mirror.  There were the features that I had liked in the dress the first time:
  • rouched bodice
  • asymmetrical waistline
  • slight sweetheart neckline
  • fit and flare skirt
And I was...well, apparently I was sleepy.


I was trying, but my smile was just a little...wan, don't you think? My eyes couldn't even work properly. Yes, those short adorable people in the background are my parents.

I thought, well, this has a lot of features that you like and it's very flattering, and you'll be all glammed up with hair and makeup, so all is good. Buck up, buttercup.

But wait, did we forget one important detail? Why yes, I *did* want a halter strap added, didn't I? The consultant came and pinned a halter strap on me, and that changed things considerably...


Do you see the more genuine smile? And my greasy face? I was actually excited. I felt like this was *my* dress. It was a nice feeling.


Yesss, my preciousss halter ssstraaaapppp...


A small detail, but oh so powerful for me.  All the features I liked were nice, but the halter really brought everything together, like Sauron establishing his dominion over all Middle Earth creatures with the one ring (let's forget temporarily that he fails).  The halter changed the dress for me, and made me the all-powerful bride, before whom all will fall in terror and obey. *What* a power rush.

Whatever the reason, I am happy with this dress, and that's what matters.

How was your dress doubt resolved?  Did you stay with your original choice, make a modification, and/or find a new dress?

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