Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Resting Ring

As you know, my ring looks like this:

Spikey, no?

My pugs' eyes look like this:

All vulnerable and protruding googly eyes.

When I come home, if I've remembered to wear my ring, I like to take it off ASAP and put it somewhere secure so I can pet my dogs with abandon, and not worry about gouging out their eyes. (Will not go into detail about the time where I accidentally hit my dog's lower eyelid with the ring and she kept it shut for 2 days (was actually 2 minutes)--there was some serious panic and guilt, and Kevin restraining me from having a breakdown.)

What to use? Where to rest my ring? Well, I could use a ring pillow:

Weddingbeepro Llubav!  Yes, it would be random for me to have a Mexican-inspired image at my wedding so don't worry, I will not culturally appropriate it.  But still, it's super cool, isn't it.

Llubav again! I luv Llubav.

Totally cute for a wedding, but I'm not sure I would use it again as a more permanent storage option. 

A ring bowl?

I love the creamy simplicity and the brief yet touching engravings.

Or, some creative ideas from the hive:

Is it a book? Is it a textbook? Is it a plane? 

No, it's a...

Ring book! (Photos ripped from Mrs. Sprinkle's post)

Or how about something that puts a little smile on your face? 

Or a ring box, made by Mrs. Gloss (something involving a laser cutter--whoa there stop right now!)

Well, not to be shown up by Mrs. Gloss, I decided that I would also forego the expense of purchasing a resting place for my ring and come up with something on my own.  Next time!

Where do you keep your rings when you're not wearing them?

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  1. oh, we remember the ring-meets-pug-eye incident. we remember it well. in our nightmares.