Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Helloooo Nurse!

Hello all! Here I am! Ta-da!

(crickets chirping)

What, you're like, who?  It's me, the weddingbee reader who's been avidly following this site for over a year, voraciously reading the daily posts, meticulously combing the archives of all my favorite bees (I know I'm not the only one who has spent a late night or a "work break" clicking "more by Miss/Mrs. ____"!), applied once to be a bee and was REJECTED, tried again, and now I'm here!

Still not helpful?  Well let me give some specifics and me and Kevin (the husband to be).

Kevin and I live in a small apartment, with our pug, in NYC.  Within a few blocks of our apartment are several delectable bakeries, which is important because I don't think we can function without constant supplies of sugar.  It also doesn't hurt that there is a cozy neighborhood wine shop nearby--nothing like a bottle of bubbly stashed in the fridge 24/7.  Who's with me on that one?

I like to cook and bake, and we love to have people over for dinner and serve them food on funny paper plates (shaped like skulls or candy corn in October; Barbie princess plates for birthdays) because our "dishwasher" putters out (i.e. Kevin doesn't want to do the dishes). We enjoy horrible tv shows (him: Korean drama series and me: Girls Next Door), and bestow unreasonable amounts of attention on our pug.  In short, we are big dorks.

We met over three years ago when a friend set us up on a date, and we got engaged two years later while on vacation.  Here's the fam:


Now we're planning a wedding--actually I plan it and then run things by him, which works for us--for about 50-60 guests out in Half Moon Bay, California. 

Us in a nutshell.  I think it'll be great to host this awesome party for our friends and family, and I totally look forward to sharing my experiences with all of you along the way!

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  1. Well HELLLOOOOO CUTIEPIE!!! I am, of course, speaking to the pug.