Monday, September 28, 2009

Honeymoons are not for Brawling

Traveling with friends/family/significant others is a very interesting and revealing experience.  I believe that people's travel habits speak volumes about their priorities and preferences.  Hostels or hotels? Museums or hiking? Make reservations or just fly by the seat of the pants? Plan out every minute or just let things happen?

The thought process surrounding our honeymoon decision revealed something about our relationship dynamics. Our original plan was to go to the Umbria and Le Marche regions in Italy, and drive from town to town and stay in different agriturismos. I spent a whole lotta time researching all the cities and looking for cute places to stay.

However, the more we talked about it, the more Kevin brought up doubts.  But why honey? Dontcha wanna honeymoon with me?  The answer was yes, but as long as we were not at each others' throats.

Going on a multi-city trip where we have to rent a car, drive around, and pack up and move every few days? After the hectic last rush leading up to the wedding? It might work for some couples (bless you and your ability to take it easy), but for us we knew we would be tense and stressed. An okay combination for a boxing match, not a lovey-dovey honeymoon.


(this is about how intimidating I would be as a boxer)

How do we know this? Sadly, from previous experiences screaming at each other when neither of us can understand the map or even the GPS.  While we have worked hard at getting better at this, I still I had to agree with his observation--we needed to go a place that didn't involve driving and lots of logistics.

In addition, we had to consider our preferences. I can sit on a beach all day, or by the pool with a drink, or in a spa. As in, I can have a wonderful vacation in a very limited amount of space.


Kevin, on the other hand, needs museums, he needs culture, he needs lots and lots and lots of walking! And he had always wanted to go to Bali (not for the beaches, but because of the culture--I know, I found the one and only person who thinks of Bali for its music and rice paddies, not its beaches).

We are accommodating both our preferences by spending half the time in a beach place (Jimbaran Bay), and half the time in Ubud (considered the cultural center of Bali).  We can hire a driver for a day for relatively little money ($50), so we can stay in relatively few places and take day trips to other locations (i.e. no driving for us).

Anything about the honeymoon or wedding planning process that has taught you how to take care of your relationship so it doesn't turn into a brawl?

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  1. Ah, Kevin and his major-change-producing comments. Good thing this one steered you in the direction of cheap massages!