Sunday, September 13, 2009

Stamps are for Lazy People

Lazy people like me!

In my last post in what has got to be the largest number of posts that one can squeeze from their save the date creation, I want to quickly tell you about the return address. The idea of handwriting our address 30 times (not to mention the outer invitation envelope, RSVP envelope, and many mess-ups I'm sure will ensue) did not appeal to me.  Yah, I know this number is way less than for most people, but please see "lazy" apart above.

I started looking into custom rubber stamps and came across Impress Rubber Stamps, which has been blogged about before on Weddingbee.  They have a good selection of sizes, and I bought a 2" x 3" customizable stamp for $13.50.

All you have to do is, after placing an order, email them a pdf of the exact image you want on the rubber stamp. To determine what image (i.e. my address) to send, I used a really advanced design program called Microsoft Word, drew various boxes to represent the envelopes and experimented with different font types and sizes (downloaded for free from Urban Fonts) to come up with our final font size and style. For fonts, I was deciding between:


While the Cygnet is pretty, I went with Day Roman since I was a little nervous about the cursive font not coming out as well (altho since then I have seen an Impress custom stamp that had many flourishes and looked lovely--dammit). In case any of you are wondering, I had made the executive decision to stamp our return address on the back flap of all the envelopes so that the return address font and the mailing address (done a la my handwriting) did not have to match.

Anyone else make a shortcut with the envelope addressing?

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