Sunday, September 6, 2009

Shipping Charge: 1, Me: 0

There's a funny side story to my paper search: Limitedpapers, the company from which I purchased the save the date and invitation paper, is in Brooklyn. I was like HA! Brooklyn is not far at all, and particularly not from my office in lower Manhattan. I'll go pick those babies up and save myself a shipping fee! 

So that's how I found myself on a Friday afternoon, in 90+ degree heat, walking an interminable distance from the subway (it was midday and no shade), in business casual clothes, to warehouses and docks on the Brooklyn waterfront. You know, the kind of place where at night you might see Vinnie with a chair and baseball bat waiting for you. 

The location was a true warehouse. Super-wide stairs, crumbling walls that revealed what I'm fairly positive was asbestos, and a "door" to the company's space that rather looked like the gate to a maximum security prison. 

 Source  (actually, this is pretty attractive as far as prisons go)

And all this, while I was huffing, puffing, sweating and stinking. But I got my paper without a shipping fee! I saved $7! I am a saver! I am thrifty!!

Total waste of time. I have much, much less qualms about paying shipping charges since that experience.

Did any of you feel like you might become a missing person after purchasing your paper?

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