Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Gocco = Good Times, Coke Bottles, and Save the Dates

After I had decided that ducks were elegant enough for our save the dates, I needed to come up with an overall design for the save the dates.  What are you looking at? Me? Oh, no no no no no. Let me direct your attention to my wonderful friend, K.  I met her the first day of college, which was, gulp, 15 years ago.  She is like a sister to me, and so incredibly talented.  She's been designing wedding invitations here and there for friends and family, and she kindly offered her design talent to our wedding!

To actually put K's design on the save the dates, my sister generously bought the Gocco (she will make way more use of it after the wedding--or at least that's what I told her). K and I converged on my sister's house one lovely weekend and we Gocco'd away! An action shot from this very exciting event:

(yes, I wear circles cut out from Coke bottles for glasses, what of it?) 

So what was the final design that K came up with?  Here's the unveiling (don't get too really, don't)

Mr. Pug excited to open the save the date in the mail

Da-na-na-na-na (sung to the tune of a burlesque stripper tune)

This is probably the first time Mr. Pug actually saw our the save the dates

A close-up

Another close-up

Her Empress is rather blase about the whole thing

Sorry, I'm not good at taking pictures.  Plus I think that Kevin had futzed with the camera settings so instead of figuring out how to fix it, I will just blame him.

The back had an explanation of the ducks and our website address.

It's illegible in the photo so there's no point in rotating it, but it basically explains the meaning of ducks in Korean tradition which I mentioned previously.

Those things on the bottom of the card are abstract representations of duck prints--I knew what they were beforehand and thought they looked great, but upon showing them to some coworkers I heard things like "fans" and "umbrellas". Whatev.

Anyone else use someone else's design services to create your wedding stationery? 


  1. The duck foot/flipper prints are super cute! That's pretty awesome you've got a tradition that involves ducks. Ducks are awesome :)

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