Thursday, September 17, 2009

Goldilocks Searches for Venues: Too Big

For this story, Goldilocks was going through the woods, and these woods spanned New York City all the way over to San Francisco Bay Area* (it was a big forest, like Fangorn in Middle Earth).  She wandered for a long time, looking for the perfect place (called a "wedding venue" in old folklore) at which she could drop thousands of dollars.  But not too many thousands of dollars.

And she wanted to find a place that could stuff her guests silly with good food, treat them very nicely, and allow her faithful companions (i.e. pugs) to accompany her.  She found lofts, restaurants, hotels and inns during her travels.  However, most were too big or too small, and she had to look at many places in order to find the one that was just right.

First up, in the "too big" category...

Daniel. Ah, my holy grail--amazing food, lovely decor, professional service... I actually thought that Kevin might propose to me at this restaurant the one time we've been there.  With food, drinks, tax and tip, about $250-300 per person. The words I let out after figuring out that amount were not so holy. If you are getting married here, I hate you.  Do you hear me?

(note that this is the main dining room and not the private Bellecour room, but I couldn't find a photo of the Bellecour room)

Auberge du Soleil. Location for Mrs. Tomato and Mrs. Pinot Noir. Gorgeous, luxurious, and the reputation for the food is amazing. No dogs. OUT (sound of heart being ripped out of chest).

Next, the Campbell Apartment. Oooh. Perfect size, rich comfy decor and surroundings, convenient location (Grand Central Station), and an $8000 site fee. 

The woman who talked to me on the phone honestly seemed very confused at my call, making me feel like I didn't even *sound* like someone who could possibly have $8000. She was nice, though, just too intuitive.

The next step in Goldilocks' adventures: Too Small

*Goldilocks lives in NYC but has family and friends out in Bay Area, plus she used to live out there.  Goldilocks will do anything for a comfy bed and bowl of porridge that are just right.

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  1. Aaah... such lovely places. If only I could get married again. to my pug.