Saturday, September 19, 2009

Goldilocks: Too Small and Just Right

And here we come to the last two chapters of Goldilocks' search for the perfect venue. If there is such a thing.

If you remember, our heroine was on an epic journey from NYC to San Francisco Bay Area for a venue suitable for 50-70 guests, allowed dogs, and had great food (or would allow you to bring great food, at least as much that could fit into Goldilocks' basket...or is that Red Riding Hood).

Anyway, the "too small" candidates--the ones that were just a wee bit small.

Kevin is the type of guy who wants New York City Hall, which I admit seems pretty romantic.  It was also just dun up real purdy, although even the old one had its own bureaucratic rundown charm. 

After I dissuaded him from a city hall-only idea with threats that my immediate family "would kill us", we started looking to have a wedding celebration elsewhere. 

In San Francisco, one of our options was Boulevard (I weep when thinking about losing out on the food there but it was too cramped). This restaurant is a San Francisco institution, with Nancy Oakes at the helm. The food is delicious, and the restaurant has a gorgeous Belle Epoque style.


Boulevard has a private room downstairs. While the room *could* fit our group (60 people), it was going to be a really tight fit with very little space for cocktail mingling. One phrase that I do not want people to use to describe my wedding is "lots of unintentional sexual harassment."  Goldilocks does not want to go to jail.

In the end, Goldilocks was faced with two final options, both that were just about right.

Hotel Healdsburg. Promising. Doable price, restaurant with great reputation, fun area for people to explore and do wine tasting, and pet friendly! (pic from Hotel Healdsburg website)

Ritz Carlton, Half Moon Bay. There's no suspense we ended up choosing this one. Wonderful reputation for service, restaurant with a great reputation (Navio), and pet friendly!


It was a torturous decision between Hotel Healdsburg and the Ritz Carlton. I spent many a dinner ruining Kevin's appetite with pros and cons about each venue, and even sent my sister, brother-in-law and my mom to each venue to scope them out.  Wine country was so appealing, but so was the Ritz! In the end we selected the Ritz because we felt like we would get excellent service there and our guests would feel like it was a real treat. And check out the room where we will be having our dinner reception!

Goldilocks found her venue! How did we get here from an NYC City Hall wedding? Who cares. I am incredibly thankful that we can have a wedding at this venue. It's gorgeous and I'm excited. I can't wait to boss around their "Ladies and Gentlemen"* like my serfs on the day of.

*The Ritz's motto is that they are Ladies & Gentlemen serving Ladies & Gentlemen.

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