Saturday, September 12, 2009

Mailing Address Tyranny

After all the focus on the design and Gocco'ing of the save the dates, it would have been nice to have immediately slapped those suckers in an envelope and sent them on their way.
In the non-wedding world, if you were sending a birthday card to mom, the scrawled mailing address in your handwriting does not merit a second thought. But oh no, as a *bride*, this rather pedestrian mailing address becomes an issue worth countless hours of internet research, drafts, agonizing, and lost sleep.

I know the etiquette is to handwrite the mailing addresses.  Apparently it's rude to print it. Why? I don't know.  Because I'm pretty damn sure that your guests will know that the each invitation was not handwritten, so why should your guests care about the mailing address? In addition, this etiquette tyranny dictates that mailing addresses can't be done with just any handwriting, it has to be really nice handwriting, so you folks out there who got a "C" in cursive in the 4th grade are out of luck.

Yeah, yeah, all this complaining, but I am a lemming.  I had to find a solution incorporating handwritten addresses as to not incur the wrath of etiquette tyrants.

I considered learning calligraphy. A loud obnoxious buzzing noise went off in my head nixing the idea as I remembered trying to do calligraphy for my sister's wedding back in the day and it SUCKED.

I then strongly considered shortcut DIY calligraphy. It is better explained here and executed beautifully by the likes of Mrs. Labrador, but basically you print the mailing addresses on your envelopes with a printer using very light ink, and then take your pen of choice and trace the print. Isn't that genius? And look how amazing it can turn out:

Well, that's how amazing it *can* turn out. Just as a quick test, I printed a fancy dancy calligraphic font on regular text paper and traced it. The final product looked like someone had been shocking me with a cattle prod every .3 seconds while I was trying to trace--it was horrible.

Source (I am not trying to make fun of this child)

Fed up, I decided that my own handwriting would do just fine. I bought Pentel gel ink pens (medium point, Sunburst gold) and addressed the save the date envelopes.

Source ($1.75 each)

They turned out fine, and will keep me out of the etiquette prison camp.

By the way, if you are going to use a gel pen or whatever, get a finer point--it's easier to write than with the bigger ones that make you feel like you're trying to write cursive with a magic marker.

What options did you explore for the mailing addresses?

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  1. I think that hand-addressing your envelopes is lovely -- gives such a personal touch. You don't need fancy calligraphy.