Saturday, November 28, 2009

Be Our Guest

Miss Nachos stole this post title from me a little while ago.  I haven't decided how to make her pay for this transgression, but in the meantime...

There is a theme song I have for our dinner reception.  Some of you may recognize it:

Be...our...GUEST! Be our guest! 
Put our service to the test! 
Tie your napkin 'round your neck, cherie,
And we will do the rest!

Hint:  It's Beauty and the Beast from Disney (I tend to give strong hints)

(I would have posted a frame from Beauty and the Beast, but Disney is, how shall we say, a little "possessive" of its images--jolly waiter with desserts will have to do) 

We want our guests to feel like they're being pampered, as if they're at an elegant, scrumptious, yet comfortable and lively dinner party--like a really lovely restaurant.  To set the mood, I am envisioning lots of candlelight and low lighting.  Low lighting and candlelight are not only romantic, but something about the slight darkness helps people feel a little more inhibited, which could encourage conversation and good times (the wine should help as well).

Here are some photos I came across in trying to find the "mood" that I want (oh look how this post has switched from "We" to "I", huh):


Then I found the photo below, and I am in love.  Candlelight, warmth, light flickering off the wineglasses, enough flatware and dinnerware to make it all feel like a pampering la la...

I realize that creating this look takes a lot of work.  A small table, chiavari chairs, specialty linens and chargers, and I'm sure a lot of other things that I don't know.  Specialty linens, chargers and chairs are out of the budget right now, but creating this atmosphere is part of the reason that we splurged on our venue, so that some of this abundant dinnerware comes with the package, so that guests are served as if they are at a 4-star restaurant, the view will be smashing, etc.  It's also why I bought 100 of these suckers to spread around (and will probably buy more):

They look unattractive like that, to say the least.  But imagine them in frosted votives:


I'm going to think of other ways to luxe up the tables.  Any cost effective tips people have used to dress up the tables that are cost effective?

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  1. Be your guest? I thought you said there wasn't going to be any dancing.

    You know how you can luxe up the tables? Pug puppy centerpieces! that's always a class act!