Wednesday, November 11, 2009

My Kind of DIY

As I mentioned, we're thinking of having a DIY photobooth where guests take pictures of themselves with whatever funny props they want, and also write us messages on wish cards.  I want our guests to post their wish cards and instant photos for others to see, which I hope will inspire some conversation and comraderie.  While I love the look of branch arrangements on which you can hang wish cards (and photos), like this:


Let me be absolutely clear with everyone that I would never, ever attempt to DIY this because greenery (even if it's dead wood) and me don't mix.  And I'm not going to shell out the money to have them professionally made.

Out: trees.  In: memo boards! Love em.  What are they?

Source (Mrs. Cupcake's memo board in action)

Cute, great for display, and can be used after the wedding!  There are several very helpful tutorials (including Mrs. Cupcake's) out there on how to DIY a memo board.  So I decided to give it a shot.

Here are my directions for my attempted DIY memo board:

1.  Call sister
2.  Tell her you have a "surprise" and "boy won't she be excited"
3.  Tell her that she will be making the memo boards and you've even found instructions online

It was hard to hear her response through all the guffawing, but I'm pretty sure I heard a "You are buying those, stupid".

DIY memo board: out. Buying the damn thing: in.  Alright Etsy, show me whatcha got.  When it comes to memo boards, you will see a lot of French country kitchen motifs or themes targeted for kids or rabid sports fans, none of which are bad but don't really fit the theme of our wedding.  However, I did find a few contenders that would go along with our lavender/sage theme*:

($39.99, 24" x 20"--the lightness of the green made the pattern less obtrusive)

Source ($21.99, 16" x 20")

While the first one looks nicer to me, it's a bit on the pricey side, and I want to buy two of these so people have enough space to post both their pictures and their messages (I'm going to match the cards to the photos after the wedding and put them in an album).  I can hear Mrs. Cupcake laughing at me right now. 

What kind of options did you find for memo/display boards, if you are having one?

*I realize that up until now I haven't really mentioned our color scheme. Lavender sage ivory gold--tada!

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  1. I don't even see how the phrase 'DIY' made it into this post... the way I remember it, there was significantly more noise than 'guffawing'.