Friday, November 13, 2009

For the Love of Dogs

I know I've previously posted about our pugs and the wedding, but I am posting again because I love dogs (and I'm not alone, if you look through Weddingbee archives).  All of 'em. Big, small, furry, fur-less (yes, even those), rescue, mutt, purebred--you name it, I love them. Kevin gets so tired of me fawning after every dog we see on the street that he grabs my hand and pulls me forward in order to save ourselves some embarrassment.  Dogs just make me happy.

Okay, there was *one* dog that I hated, and I use that word understanding the full force and extremity behind it.  I dogsat for this small, obnoxious, ill-trained, super-alpha dog once and we had a battle of wills.

(not the actual dog, but the attitude is spot-on)

I lost.

Moving on (because clearly I have)...We have five pugs amongst the family members.  I know I previously mentioned 4 pugs, but we got another in December.  Here they all are (mine are the two fawn ones on the right):

Choosing a venue that allowed dogs was an absolute must.  At the Ritz, while we can bring the dogs with us to the hotel, there's something called the "department of health" which generally doesn't allow dogs in eating/drinking places, so we can't involve the pugs in the ceremony or reception.  Instead, we will have to ham it up with the pups in photographs taken before the ceremony.  I LOVE seeing wedding pics with dogs, and searched for some to see how other couples incorporated dogs into their weddings.

For example, maybe you can have your dog in the bridal suite?

Include them in your couple portraits?

Source  (We'll have five pugs, towing us like reindeer on Christmas.)
Have them walk down the aisle with you (or as a ring bearer)?


Or if they're unruly, you could carry them down the aisle?


Have your pet be a witness to the ceremony?

(this couple reported that the dog had lost its flower collar before the wedding, and then proceeded to chew through its leash so it could gallop along the beach unfettered)

Invite them to the reception?


Oops, maybe not. Well how about making a nod to them at the reception?

Source (see? see the little boxer on the cake to the right??)

Are you involving your dogs in the wedding?  I'm kind of sad that we can't have our dogs at the ceremony or reception, so I'd love to live vicariously and hear what other people are doing.

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  1. FIVEPUGSFIVEPUGSFIVEPUGS!!!! I mean, yes, I do believe that dogs can add a wonderful element not only to your life but your wedding. What could be better?