Friday, November 20, 2009

On the Bright Side

Last time, I oh so maturely b*%tched and moaned about having a ceremony.  But on the upside of having a ceremony, this is what I found:

1.  It gives better purpose/focus to the wedding for our guests.   I suppose this is obvious to most people except me. 

2.  In my imagining/dreaming/planning of every wedding aspect until now, none of them has made me tear up the way thinking about our ceremony does.

3.  It'll give my parents a chance to walk down the aisle, which I think will be nice for them.

4.  I will get to have a moment, albeit a short one, where I walk down the aisle and people are looking at me in my EXPENSIVE get-up.

5.  I'll get pictures like this!!!

(ok, maybe not quite like this, but doesn't it look grand?)

from awesome hostess August15bride!

Maybe not exactly like those as our ceremony will take place in a much plainer hotel space, but still, it's a moment of focus that's nice to capture.

What about the ceremony are you most looking forward to? 

1 comment:

  1. I, myself, am dearly looking forward to the moment(s) where I get to run around and rearrange your expensive train every time you shift position.