Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Let Me Entertain You

As I have mentioned, we are not having dancing at our wedding, so it is important to have activities at the wedding that will entertain the guests.  For example, we are going to have a DIY faux-tobooth (with silly props) and wishcards that will be displayed on memo boards.

But we need something more. Like, a burlesque stripper a la Gypsy Rose Lee:


What a great musical ("EV-erything's coming up ROSEs and DAFFodils...").  I could create invitations with pictures of dollar bills that say "Bring your singles, ladies and fellas!" And for favors, give out those nifty pens that show a person stripping when you tip the pen over.

I hope this was obvious to every single one of you, but I was kidding.

In reality, I did consider some G-rated ideas from Martha Stewart Weddings:

Flag Timeline Board

Full directions and pdf template are here, but basically you print out a large board with different years on it, and guests get to take little flagged pins with their names on it and shove it into the board on the year that they met you.  This was cute, but I would have to: (1) make flags for the pins; and (2) they kinda lost me at this step:

"1. Download the PDF onto a disk or thumb drive, and take it to a print or copy shop that can print on oversize paper. (You will need 17-by-46-inch paper in order to print out the full-size timeline.)"

Yeah, that sounds like too much effort for me. 17 x 46? Really? 

I Spy

With I Spy, basically you lay out cards that have moments/scenes printed on them.  Guests are supposed to capture with disposable cameras provided by you.  Cute, but, I'm a scrooge and I don't really want all those photos.

Next post, I'll show you a "no DIY needed" activity that I think will entertain the guests.

Have any of you used these ideas or others for non-dancing entertainment of guests?  What are you secrets to success? What's your favorite song from Gypsy?


  1. The flag board is interesting...kind of reminds me of a dart board or something. I'm thinking of throwing in a couple rounds of bingo to entertain the older folks, but I'm not 100% committed yet. I wonder if they make wedding bingo..Also, using those instant crossword generators was another idea.

    Anyway, can't wait to see what you end up doing!

  2. I kinda think the 'I Spy' one is cute... although without a computer station, there really is no instant gratification, and where's the fun in that?

    I know! How about 'conversation'? It's fun, and it's cheap!

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