Monday, November 23, 2009

Getting Ready for Getting Ready

I think one of the most special parts of the wedding day (yes yes, every part is special but I mean, um, super special) is the bride getting ready.  There is something so serene, magical and blissful about the photos.  Except under the cover of serenity is that amazing sense of excitement building up--the kind of butterflies you feel when your loved one is about to step off a plane from a long trip away, when you were a kid waiting for your birthday...that kind of nervous, fun jitters.

Getting Ready is a time to get prettied up, to put on your best face:

(Mrs. Jasmine)  

To put on that gorgeous dress, with the help of those loved ones surrounding you:

A time for shots like this: 

A time to take a reflective moment: 

(Mrs. Coconut)

 And a time to just smile, giggle and laugh in anticipation of the day:


Is it too confusing to be getting butterflies about getting butterflies on the wedding day?  Because sometimes I kinda do.

I can't tell you how much I am looking forward to this part of the day.  I will be with my mom, my sister, my best friend, with other girlfriends dropping by, a glass of bubbly in hand, trying to enjoy the moment and getting ready for the big day ahead.

Watch, I'll be in hives, people will be screaming, the seating chart won't be done, and the room will spontaneously ignite in flames.

Is there any particular part of the day that you are looking forward to (and don't give me that mumbo jumbo about the moment you are married, yes we are all looking forward to that)?

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  1. wah? I'm sorry I stopped reading right after you mentioned the glass of bubbly while getting ready.