Friday, November 6, 2009

A Very Belated Boo!

I originally thought engagement pictures were an unnecessary expense, but the more I saw other brides posting their engagement pictures, the more I realized that I wanted them! Why? Cuz I wanted them!

Well, also because I think it's good practice to be in front of a camera and to see if there are any weird, unattractive habits we have (like, ahem, a tall white man slouching, cough).

Of course, after I got all ramped up for it, it turned out that we couldn't set a date with our wedding photographer (he was living in Singapore and is moving to California).  On a whim, I posted an ad on weddingbee on Friday, October 30 looking for an affordable photographer who would do an engagement shoot.

Luckily, my first response was from Ananda Lima, a totally sweet woman who was hoping to get a Halloween-themed engagement shoot before Halloween.  Sounds great! We pulled it together in 36 hours.

Kevin and I love Halloween (even tho we don't always get dressed up), so when Ananda suggested pumpkin carving and wearing silly props, we were excited.  I got a bunch of props and some pumpkins, she brought even more great props and flowers, and we had a go of it on a beautiful fall Sunday.

The results?





All images courtesy of the super sweet Ananda Lima.  Ananda had a smile on her face the whole time, was incredibly supportive throughout the whole shoot (which makes you feel like you can do nothing wrong, even if you are probably doing something wrong), very professional, and I think her style is very fresh and vibrant.  Check her out if you live in the NYC area!


  1. HOW DID I NOT KNOW YOU HAVE A BLOGGGGGGGGGGGGGG! gahhh I'm dying :) So glad I saw your epics on that post and checked your profile for a blog... can't wait to read them!
    -Miss Pug