Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Mug Shots

As of now, we are not having dancing at our wedding. I love to dance, but Kevin does not. I also feel like with 50-60 people, we can get away with the dinner-party vibe without dancing.  Furthermore, I worry that with such a small group that there won't be enough people to get the dance party going. So I guess my mom will have to miss out on me breaking it down to "Push It" by Salt n Pepa.

But I want guests to be entertained by something other than just conversation with tablemates.

I love the photobooth idea, but renting a real one is out of our budget and I'm not even sure it will fit in the room. So I'm now seriously considering a faux photobooth/instant photo guestbook.

With a "faux-tobooth" (fxbooth), a photographer takes photos of your guests in a specific area, or guests can take pictures of themselves, sometimes with an interesting fabric backdrop and/or fun props.

(some of our favorite and, um, wacky bees)

Source (from Mrs. Avocado's wedding)

Cute, huh? Our fxbooth will be very DIY, as in guests will take pictures of themselves with an instant camera. We're also thinking about having wish cards for people to fill out, and then after the wedding we can put people's photos and wish cards together in an album.

Does anyone have tips for creating a successful DIY fxbooth?

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  1. Yes! Tips! For ex, how to explain what a wish card is to those of us who haven't planned a wedding in the past decade :)