Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Whole New World

Wow, I feel like Princess Jasmine...

I'm now just blogging. Not about wedding planning, dresses, invitations, programs, ceremonies, or what have you.  Not blogging for Weddingbee anymore.! Me blogging! About anything! What do you think about that?


Now that the only person who was actually reading this blog has now decided to tune out, let me just write out loud to myself.  This feels kind of freeing, blogging for oneself, in a more "private" forum. I don't have to worry as much about offending people, having pictures, being short and pithy, blah blah. Just me.

Don't get too excited (wait, who am I talking to? oh, myself), because (1) we all know I'm not that interesting; and (2) I'm not sure how long I can keep this up.  Haha I used the royal "we" because I'm just talking about and to myself.

This feels a little bittersweet because I loved blogging for Weddingbee.  I loved feeding off the energy of the hive, but at the same time I'm craving a little more freedom to be random and not be so conscious about writing on a nationally-read (and internationally!) blog. That probably sounds disingenuous to a certain extent--if I want something more private, why am I blogging? How about a password-protected blog or just a good ol' Microsoft Word document? I guess part of me still wants to blather on to anyone who might listen and create connections, and still get that energy from public blogging.

Yeah okay that's enough for today.

Did you see that I still sourced the picture? I'm so proud of myself.  Some good blogging habits die hard.


  1. Luuuuvvveee Youuuuuu

    Did you want to leave your blog addy in a last post for WB so people can follow you here? Did you see how I'm trying to squeeze one more post out of your ass?

  2. wow, can't believe you're making the cross over already! too sooooon! but i think i know what you mean by feeling more free to post randomly. part of me can't wait to get to that point myself..and the other part of me is sad to leave all the awesome readers.