Wednesday, June 9, 2010

This will give you an idea...

...of how much I don't have a life.  When acquaintances or friends I haven't seen in a while ask me how things are going, I usually spew out something stupid (like "oh I still am not sure going to law school 8 years ago was a good idea") or, as is more the case, just tell the truth--"oh, nothing really." Seriously, how boring.BUT a few weeks ago, I had an answer. I was all bouncity-bounce just psychically willing someone to ask me the question.

I. bought. makeup.  Yipee!!!!

And not just stopping by Sephora, looking at the lipsticks for ages, and buying the totally wrong color. I mean the whole "I need a new look please help me" kind of thing. I know, it's sad that this is a big deal in my life.  But it's high time that I start trying to look a little polished, a little more put together. I'm almost 34, but most people mistake me for being 20. Let's face it, I need to snazz things up a bit.  "Looking polished and put together" was something I always figured I could wait to do, but wow hey did I mention I'm almost 34.  Time's a wastin'. 

Back to the makeup purchase.  I know there's very good drugstore makeup, but I need more help than that.  I need to be able not only to try things, but someone to tell me what to do and what would look good because I am that ignorant.

I didn't want to go to a department store because it seemed too loud and hectic, and for some reason I was really looking at this like a trip to the spa.  I knew I was going to be spending a lot of money, that it was a big treat for myself, and it was to make me feel and look good--kind of like a spa treatment! There is a Lancome boutique a few blocks from my apartment and it seemed like the kind of calm atmosphere that would be conducive to me spending mucho mucho money.

Okay let's get to the good stuff, eh?  This is what I purchased.

Blush Subtil, $29.50
I actually have a sample of this blush in Miel Glace and another color (can't remember), so I didn't need to buy it.  Look at me talking like I was being thrifty.

L'Absolu Rouge Lipstick in Rouge Seduction, $29
(not the color pictured, and I had to get this at a department store)

*not* the color I purchased--I'm not this bold yet
Color Design Eyeshadow in Chic (a brown neutral), $17

Le Crayon Poudre Eyebrow Pencil in Sable (I think), $24.00

Angle Shadow Brush #13 for eyeshadow, $25.50

Precision Cheek Brush #7, $47.50

Seriously, get a load of how expensive that last brush is. I splurged. It's very soft and the perfect size. When I first tried the brush in the store it felt so nice against my skin that I closed my eyes and asked the Lancome lady to give us a moment.

I'm pretty much loving the new routine and telling myself that it makes a HUGE TOTALLY AMAZING DIFFERENCE. You know, but still oh so subtle and natural and shtuff.

If I get my act together I'll show you a before and after picture.  Anyway that's what's been going on in my life...


  1. holy crap did you seriously buy a 50 dolla brush???! and Im sure it's worth every little fiber. post before and after pics. esp the after pics. i want to see this new you. do the pugs even recognize you?

  2. ooh..fancy! i own makeup at all. lol. i agree, before and after pics! and is this your version of the pwc? :)