Wednesday, June 23, 2010


I know this is belated, but about a month ago the peonies and lilacs were in season and plentiful at the corner bodegas, filling the air with a heady scent.  All inspired by my wedding, I decided to make a flower arrangement.  It is surprisingly not easy, although perhaps not so unsurprisingly for somebody as aesthetically-challenged as I am.  Looking at the flowers made me happy, though, so I wanted to share some pictures in case it brightens a minute of your day.

And if the flowers don't do it for you, perhaps the picture of the pug in the background?

And the scent! Oh the luscious fragrance of lilacs and peonies...

And for the *prettiest* flower of them all...



  1. I seriously love peonies. They are so gorgeous. I pointed them out at the grocery store and kept saying how much I LOVE them and how short their season is (hoping Sean would catch on, that hello! I need you to buy me some), but he was like, "Oh, cool." And pushed the cart passed them. Your flowers are beautiful though!

  2. Beautiful but I can't get past your shitty camera. I KIIIIDDDDD. Kevinis florensis (I believe thats the scientific name for that last flower up there) the most gorgeous flower of them all.

  3. what a great arrangement! such a good eye.

  4. we must have gotten some sort of peony-loving gene from our mother because that is THE EXACT SAME ARRANGEMENT I have in my dining room. minus the man-flower, that is.