Thursday, June 3, 2010

When "Thank You" Sounds Kinda Lame

Before I wrap up my posts here, I had to mention the efforts of my sister during wedding planning and the day of.  However, I don't know what I can say about my sister that would begin to describe what she means to me, and her instrumental role in planning my wedding.  

Perhaps you've heard me mention that she made the homemade goodies for our out-of-town bags, baked our wedding cake cookie towersGocco'd her heart out on my behalf, that she and her husband took charge of the wedding paper goods, hosted the brunch the morning after the wedding...

...and maybe I didn't mention that she:
  • constantly encouraged and supported me
  • kept me in check when I started to lose perspective
  • opened her home for all wedding-related activities leading to the day of
  • along with her husband, took in our two pugs for weeks while we were on our honeymoon
  • baked challah, cinnamon rolls, jam and who knows what else for the wedding day breakfast
  • made the lavender honey syrup for our cocktails
  • cooked dinner for the "meeting of the families" 
  • dropped off the out-of-town bags at the hotels
  • bought a last-minute replacement card for me to give to Kevin the morning of the wedding
  • ensured that everyone had a full glass of bubbly the second they entered the bridal suite
  • took photos of every single guest during the welcome event
  • helped me get into my dress (no easy task with all those buttons)
  • performed leash juggling with the pugs while walking them down the aisle during the ceremony
  • made fabric flowers for all five pugs
  • had her husband miss part of the cocktail hour so he could return the dogs to the hotel room 
  • carried around my emergency kit and kept track of my purse all night
  • gave a wonderful, sweet and funny toast
  • discreetly asked guests at the reception if they would like to give a toast (which thank goodness they did because boy I would have felt lame)
  • and so much more that I can't mention because she's too selfless to let me know all that she did. 
But I definitely can't find the right words to describe how terribly important she is to me and that I, much less my wedding, could not function without her. 

3pugmama, I couldn't have done it without you.

Top two pictures are personal photos, bottom two pictures courtesy of CK Hwang/39 East Photography


  1. sacre bleu! am I drinking WATER in that last pic??

  2. nonoo I am just staring at it in disbelief because I am shocked that it's not bubbly.

  3. Your sister is AMAZING!!! I love the itemization of your gratefulness to her. It's true that it's easy to overlook the million and one things that our sisters and BMs do for us...!