Thursday, June 10, 2010

Really Nice Thing to Say

Sometimes, Kevin comes out with some regular gems to say to me.

First case in point: After we got married, we were walking the dogs in Central Park and I asked him whether he felt any differently being married.  He said no. I agreed. He paused, grinned an impish smile, put his arm around me, and said "Oh honey, it feels just as not special as it did before." I am strangely proud of him for this comment because I think it is quite clever. I repeat it to everyone I know, like a beaming parent, except that I'm totally denigrating myself in the process.

Second case in point: My sister emails me and Kevin an with a link to a pic of what is possibly the 6th cutest pug ever (after the five already owned by our family members).  

See, I told you she was cute. Plus she's like Rikki's twin or something.  So I write Kevin about how she would "go so well" with Bunni and Rikki (you know, as if she's an accessory or something). I mean, I wasn't seriously thinking about getting a third pug, but come on now it's hard to resist playfully batting around the idea when something so cute comes up.  His response? "NO MORE PUGS". Nothing else. In all caps. I think I felt my heart cry a little.

Third case in point: I told you that I'm very excited about my new makeup routine. I've never had a makeup routine, so this is A BIG DEAL in my world--I think I look a lot more polished, and it's hecka fun.  However, I did spend a pretty penny for the makeup.  So one morning while I'm applying blush, I ask Kevin, in what was a clear fishing expedition for affirmation, "Honey do you think it's kind of ridiculous of me to do all this?"

My supportive husband comes back at me with a perfunctory snort and a "Yeah, I do. But whatever."*

But it's so I look sexy for me and for our relationship, baby! Heehee.  Whatever, he'd probably rather have me shave my legs once in a while and to stop screaming "Give me money!" in French every time I go into a store.** That could be it.

*Okay okay, Kevin meant that I don't need to worry about makeup and shouldn't feel pressured to wear makeup because I'm cute as it is, sans the $200+ makeup. It's just funny the way it came out.
**If we're walking the dogs, I don't usually bring my wallet. And if we have to stop by Duane Reade or a bodega for some household item, I ask him for $ so I can go inside and make our purchase while he stands outside with the dogs.


  1. Hahaha. Gems. I love asking my husband for money too (I also don't carry my wallet because I always think I'm going to get mugged.) It makes me feel dirty. "Can I have some money for a Coke/Beef Jerky/this really adorable $200 dress?" I feel like a little child that needs a spanking.

  2. should you make it clear that the 'cute pug' in question is the fawn one?

  3. you scream it in french? how odd.

  4. sashacleo: i don't even think it's proper french (i cobbled it together when i was trying to pick up some french phrases for our trip to paris): donnez moi l'argent!