Saturday, June 12, 2010

Bathroom Pet Peeves

To all the ladies who work on my floor and share our six-stall bathroom:

1.  There is no reason to go into the stall directly next to me if there are others available. Don't you like a little distance?

2.  When you are done, wash your hands and get outta there.  Please don't stand there for an interminable amount of time doing your hair and makeup. Especially your hair. It moves and won't stay in the same place no matter what you do.  I am trying to go potty and do not want an audience.

3.  Please, for the love of God, don't talk on your cellphones while in the bathroom, or even worse, while you are sitting on the toilet. There's something very disturbing about that.  Yes, you there who has done it repeatedly, I am talking to you.


  1. hear hear. people who talk on their cells while ON THE TOILET are revolting.

  2. This is so bad, but I must share since I share the same pet peeves, especially #1. There's this know-it-all young woman in our office who by all accounts is smart and aware. But for some unfathomable reason one day, in an otherwise empty six-stall bathroom, she decides to use the one next to mine...and takes a big, loud dump! And this is right after she saw me go into the stall and say hello! I was so perplexed that I told two coworkers. They now call her the dumper.