Friday, June 25, 2010

Farmers' Market

On Sunday mornings, there is a small farmers' market a few minutes from our apartment.  While NYC farmers' markets pretty much blow the big one compared to California farmers' markets, it's still nice to go, especially when the weather turns warmer and there's more than just the tedious supply of apples (which, by the way, some of the stands still sell in June--it's outrageous).

We also like that we get to take the dogs, although Bunni has now learned that there are bits of food on the ground, and has become a general pain in the ass to walk as she's trying to dive under every single table.

We went this past weekend with my mom.

Fragrant lavender

Veggie/greens stand that also happens to have kimchi. Nice.

Expensive cherries.  We didn't partake.

Pretty, but don't let the color fool you.  Jersey farms just don't produce sweet fruit.  This has been a hard, bitter lesson to learn over several years.

Grandma let go of me there is food to be had.

Trot, trot. Talk to our bumholes, folks.

There are several untruths in this last picture.  One, Kevin did not participate in the Track & Field team.  Haha I'd like to see that.  Two, Kevin did not go to Penn State. I do not know why he is wearing this shirt or where he got it.


  1. Yum! That food looks delicious. Our farmer's markets suck and you think they'd be good because we live in the area that all the produce is grown, but I always leave somewhat disappointed.

  2. yes. the markets in CA rock. they the bestest except for the sad sad fact that they are not pug-friendly (boo!)

    (to the tune of Neil Diamond's 'America') THEY'RE COMING TO CALIFORNIA

  3. There is so much to love about this post, not the least of which is your humor/captions! Talk to the bumholes indeed!

  4. lol. maybe kevin has a magical closet! great photos, makes me feel like i'm missing out for not waking up early to go to our local farmer's more often..

  5. yum! What great pics. I love farmers markets! :)