Friday, March 12, 2010


So has finally started to post the forecast for our wedding day (I say "finally" as if I wasn't sure when it would be posted, but I guess I knew it was pretty much going to be 10 days out).  

Half Moon Bay is not your stereotypical California weather--it's coastal, can be a bit blustery, and is no stranger to rain and clouds (go me for picking a great location!). However, last year when I visited in March, it was mid 60's and gorgeous. Naturally I was crossing my fingers for the same this year.

(not our forecast, I'd die and go to heaven if it were going to be above 70)

I checked late last night. High 60 degrees, sunny, with 0% chance of rain. Yipee!  

I checked this morning.  High 59 degrees, partly cloudy, with 0% chance of rain.  Still yipee!

I checked right now.  High 59 degrees, partly cloudy, with 10% chance of rain. WTF??!! I want my f&*!ng zero percent back you f&$*%ng motherf*(#ckers!

'Scuse me. Kind of melodramatic for 10%, wouldn't you say?

Anybody else experience weather anxiety for their big day?

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  1. I mean seriously aren't there children reading this blog. by 'children' I mean your parents.