Thursday, March 4, 2010

Bali, I Just Can't Quit You

So. Another honeymoon preparation post. I've posted about swimsuits, skincare, and now you get to listen to me blab about hair removal.  Lucky, lucky you.

While this isn't a topic or practice to which I give much thought during the regular course of my boring life, the wedding has made my life *so* much more exciting and I can't help but want to take a little extra step in this area to prep for the honeymoon.  I want to be showing some soft, smooth, and non-furry baby bum skin in those swimsuits!

As with everything, this is an incredibly complex multi-layered issue.

First decision, to shave or to wax?

I'm going to go with waxing, because while shaving makes sense on a regular basis, this is *special* right? I want to be smooooth....for a looooong time...

Then--legs, arms, underarms, pinky toe?  They wax just about everything now. I'm definitely getting my legs waxed, but what about my arms?

I am hairy for an Asian woman--no fair, gene gods! No fair!

While I don't have tufts and tufts of arm hair, the black, long, spindly hair against my pasty skin kinda stands out.  

Nevertheless, the thought of watching my arm hair grow back or continuing to wax my arms is not appealing, so I'm leaning towards "no" on this one. You are horrified. That's okay.

And then, there's the world of bikini waxing.  Oh the options! Bikini line, full bikini, Brazilian, French double loop with a somersault?  I admit, I know next to nothing about this fascinating topic. If you want some great info from the hive, check out this thread on the Weddingbee boards--veeerrry edgificational.

To help me further parse the different bikini waxing services, I checked out this little article, which had the following tidbits (all quoted from the article):

  • Regular Bikini Wax: Removes the hair outside the panty line.
  • Full Bikini Wax: Takes the sides of the bikini line deeper than a regular bikini wax, and can also include waxing some hair on top to make a more defined ‘triangle’ area, or trimming down the hair left shorter.

  • French Bikini Wax: Takes all hair off the in the front (except a small strip) and continues to right before the back. It doesn't take hair off from the back like a Brazilian (see below).  [edit: I think there must be a typo in this, not my problem]

  • Brazilian Bikini Wax: Takes all hair off the bikini line, front all the way to the back (yes by your bum). Sometimes a small strip or triangle is left in the front.
Do you have any preferences/recommendations for hair removal?

And for those who have not tried waxing before, I leave you with this image:


Hehe. I'm just kidding. It won't be like that. I *promise*.

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  1. Quel horror! are you planning on waxing your pug? poor pug!

    I think waxing yourself at home is the way to go. a little messy, but cheaper in the long run and then you can wax whatever you blessed want.