Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Bali, I Am Coming For You

Now that the winter has definitely dragged on a bit too long, it's the perfect time to daydream about our Bali honeymoon and spend unreasonable amounts of time on the internet searching for goodies to fully prepare myself for the trip.  Because you can never be too prepared to relax, get massages, and eat and drink to your heart's content for 2 weeks.

So, how to be a Bali Boy Scout? (naturally I would be a Girl Scout but the b's were irresistible)

Swimsuits!  I have this bikini at home. 

I would try it on for you and post a pic of myself, but I don't want to burn your corneas. Instead, my pug "decided" to model it.

Look at me mommy! I'm so sexy!

Sadly, that is my one swimsuit. I'm pathetic. I had to cure that pathetic-ness. I looked at several recommended websites, including Everything But Water and Fig Leaves, but damn they can get expensive (particularly the former, on the latter there are deals).  Plus, I was having a hard time finding sizes for my small boobies ("SB").

Then there was the old standby, J. Crew. While not totally cheap-o, they have plenty of styles, colors, and most importantly, sizes (see SB comment above).  I am paranoid that anything strapless would fall right off of me because of, again, the SB problem, so I like to have a strap. Here's what I found:


And just in case you need more of a visual, here is a woman who is much taller, skinnier, and well-endowed than I am (that isn't saying much. again, see SB comment above):

(ignore the bottom)

Are you purchasing any wardrobe items to look HOT on your honeymoon?